Resources for Citizens of the United States of America

We have a somewhat better government than we had a few years ago, but it is far from a good one. Americans who expected a few changes to instantly fix deep problems are disappointed and many will foolishly vote for psychopaths and corporate shills. Inbetween elections we need to hold our representatives accountable and work on the next ballot. Right now we need to hold our noses and select the best options from the ballot we have. Don't let anyone waste their vote!

Some Organizations Worth Using and Supporting

Fairly Non-Partisan Organizations
In the midst of lies and spin, Fact Check provides light.
Project Vote Smart
Use the resources here to hold your representatives accountable.
Common Cause
Much of what needs to be done is not controversial and we need to make it happen.
the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Your rights online are increasingly important as traditional media wither away.
World Press Review
Citizens need to know what the whole world is saying.

Partisan Organizations

People For The American Way
Resources for supporting progressive values.
If you really want change, much more needs to be done!

Please let us know of your favorite organizations and resources.