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This is the information you need to know if you want to Follow Me, Friend Me or Recommend that I Friend Someone on Facebook. This all used to be written up very nicely in my Publicly Readable Facebook Profile until Facebook decided to simply trash all my content to prove who really runs the show!

If you're already one of my Facebook Friends, I'd love it if you looked at my website especially my interests & passions and let me know more about your interests & passions and which ones we share!

Real Community

My Real Community consists of people who I interact with regularly in the Real World and/or people who share my Interests and Passions. I use Facebook to enhance communication and continuity with this large community. Although Facebook helps with this it is a challenge to have so many Facebook friends! If you are not in my Real Community I will probably not accept your friend request.

I have two Identities on Facebook

Although I have two personas, my nickname is simply Touch. I happily and spiritedly welcome critical as well as supportive comments on my posts.

If your post is critical there should be a clear intent to add value and the burden is on you to provide citations if appropriate. If it ever seems that my criticism is not respectful and constructive you should consider it likely that you're being thin-skinned but you might private message me about it and I'll take your reaction seriously.

If you act like a troll I am likely to unfriend you.

Heart-Touch Puuhonua

Heart-Touch is my primary Social Persona. I post about anything which I think might be of interest to or importance for my community.

My likes and comments on my friend's posts are as much about expressing love and relationship as much as they are about any literal content. I often limit my posts to friends-of-friends.

My posts and comments range from silly to sympathetic to serious as I see fit. I try to avoid posting too often, especially on the same subject and especially on political issues. I try to avoid posting highly intellectual or technical posts or comments - that's what Head-Touch is for.

Head-Touch Puuhonua

Head-Touch is my "Geek" Persona. Follow or maybe Friend this account if you like relatively long and serious threads on intellectual and especially scientific and technological topics. Some political and social posts will appear here if I'm viewing them from a Geek perspective. Most Head-Touch posts are public.

Following or friending Head-Touch is not recommended if you don't enjoy serious thinking!

Want to friend me? Contact Me First!

I have much more trouble than most people remembering names and faces: really! This is likely related to my being on the Autistic Spectrum, a condition which comes with both blessings and curses. Even if you're someone I've met several times it is likely that I won't remember you without your reminding me of the circumstances:

If you'd like to friend me, please either Facebook Message Me or use my contact form and either way be sure to let me know

Want me to friend someone? Introduce us!

If you want me to friend someone, do not recommend them through Facebook, I will ignore it! Instead, use Facebook messaging to send a single message addressed to both of us which introduces us as you would do in person and let us know why you think we should be friends. We can then have a conversation and decide whether we want to friend one another. I might ask them to read this webpage!

How to contact me

Either send me a Facebook Message or use my handy Contact Page If you use my Contact Page, please be sure and let me know your Facebook Handle, perhaps by including the url of your Facebook Account?

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