Favorite Humanistic Organizations

I have been immensely privileged to have found and participated with a number of organizations which are engaged in powerfully creating and spreading humanistic values and New Culture.

These organizations have some common denominators:

Minimal Belief Systems

These organizations do not have things we need to believe in order to participate. They are likely to question any rigid beliefs we have which get in our way. They leave it up to us whether and how we want to modify or discard any of our beliefs.


How we choose to life our life is always up to us, as long as we give others that same freedom.

Honoring the Dignity of Each Person

We are unconditionally respected as a human being.

Inclusive Diversity

All of these organizations have an appreciation for human diversity, including diversity of Gender, Appearance, Ethnicity, Culture, Points of View, Sexuality, etc. These organizations actively work to create a safe space for people to express their diversity and to welcome diverse new people.

Here are some I recommend highly:

The Human Awareness Institute

Facilitating awareness around the fundamental human concerns of Love, Intimacy, Sexuality and more. I have increased joy and love in my life through participating in HAI's workshops and in their intern program.

Landmark Education

Landmark's programs provide an extraordinary training in being human. I've gotten more out of my participation with Landmark's programs than I have from my participation with any other organization. At the same time, Landmark's programs have enhanced the value I've gotten out of the programs of other organizations and my life experience in general.

Network for a New Culture

We are born into an existing culture. As we gain life experience we co-create New Culture for ourselves and those who would accept the gift. NFNC's Summer Camp programs give us an opportunity to live in New Culture for a few weeks a year and bring it back into our home community.

The Mankind Project

The Mankind Project provides experiential programs for men to explore what it means to be a man without the baggage from our past. There's a sister organization Woman Within International

Compassionate (Non-Violent) Communication

A superb model for communication and conflict-resolution. I highly recommend attending some Compassionate Communication training seminars.

Burning Man

Burning Man is both an immersive annual experience at a festival in Nevada and a global culture with festivals and vibrant community all over the world. It's my favorite community in which to practice and co-create New Culture.

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