What I read regularly

This is about 5% of what I read regularly!

Websites I read daily

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BBC News
Good coverage of anything really important, anywhere.
Science Daily
A comprehensive but highly dumbed-down overview of new scientific information. You'll need to get closer to the source for anything interesting here.

Websites I read weekly

The Economist
The single best in-depth coverage of the world. They're conservative - but by British standards (Whig). I subscribed to their print edition for decades and now I read them on-line.
World Press
I subscribed to their print edition, World Press Review for decades and now I read them on-line. They translate a cross-section of world news into English, including all regions and political viewpoints. They are owned by a Foundation with a commitment to objectivity.
Scientific American
Yes, they're not as technical as they used to be. They're still pretty good. They do have a wierd prejudice against nano-technology - what's up with that?

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