Touch Puuhonua's Writings

Some Mildly Technical Writings

Musings on Immortality
Prospects for significant extension of the length of human lifespan by taking advantage of likely upcoming scientific and technological developments. An introduction to the topic which does not require a technical background.
Choosing an Operating System
Supporting my friends in choosing a computer system which strikes the best balance among usability, power and security. Written primarily for my friends who are thoughtful but not computer experts.
Separate identities protect our Internet privacy
It might be worth the trouble to separate your online activity into more than one identity or persona.
iPod/iPad/iTouch - iNope!
Unlike the Macintosh, Apple's new mobile platforms are not designed to empower you.
Taming Facebook
Facebook can be awkward to use and dangerous to our privacy and online security. Here are some of my practices which you may find useful.

Some More Technical Writings

Bootstrapping to Augmented Intellect
How a small group of software geeks might put together a collection of software tools which would extend their capacities.
Tech Notes: Software Toolkits
An overview of the nature and power of Software Toolkits written to inspire the formation of a local Software Tools Enthusiasts Group.
Tech Notes: PostgreSQL Beginning to Meta
Notes on learning programming and metaprogramming with the Extensible Object-Relational Database System PostgreSQL.

Some Older Miscellaneous Writings

Are You A Gender Criminal?
An article I wrote for an LGBT (Queer) Newspaper back in the 1990s.
My 2005 Health Breakthrough
How I got my full health and mental alertness back.

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